1. Vincent

    Dag Karl,
    Knappe post, en goed dat deze problematiek de laatste tijd wat meer onder aandacht wordt gebracht. Veel dierlijke slachtoffers van de vervuiling in de actualiteit, die Midway film van Chris Jordan, etc. Het is echt erg gesteld! Wat is die TED presentatie eigenlijk?

  2. No idea about TED’s lecture as I wasn’t there (although the Dutch translation of his name sounds ok) but, after reading this, it’s crystal clear for me that, we as real men, must keep united and associated with our most trusted mussel free from all kinds of plastic! Haha! Sorry for dropping this dumb reaction guys, but I am on the end of a period at school (those kids really are one big a fatigue) and not into an empathic modus related with the current state of the full swing ecocide episode our human planet is goes through these days . With a growing up daughter of six I must confess I do ignore, block and avoid more and more all these kind of doom messages. Instead I do look into the opposite direction and try to offer an alternative with my europesbig5 project. Let’s hope Karlito, when we return from our ultimate Spain departure (leaving from next weekend on), there isn’t any trace of plastic visible on your pictures related with all those top predators (lynx, brown bear, wolf, wild cat, otter, eagles and vultures) you will shoot! Buena fortuna y suerte amigo!

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