About Karl

Karl Van Ginderdeuren studied Biology studies at the University of Ghent, in Belgium.
He gained scientific experience as a biologist in three institutes, mostly working on projects regarding impact on the marine environment. He worked on land as well as on research vessels and vessels of different marine sectors.
This yielded him the degree of Doctor in Science as well as a large collection of marine images from all around the world.
In March 2014 he started working for Roche Diagnostics, combining scientific lab knowledge with commercial interests.

As a hobby Karl gets his kicks from travelling towards remote areas in search of a good picture. What he loves doing most is tracking down illusive mammals. He has spent many weeks in photo hides, waiting for animals often not showing up.

Further, Karl has been guiding groups of mammal watchers and nature photographers in Europe, the Himalayas and both polar areas.

Karl, when asked about photography as a hobby:

I did not take any lessons in photography so I learn the hard way. This means a lot of trial and error. You do not take a photograph, you make it, Ansel Adams once said.
To me this implies that taking a picture includes a thinking process, which every photographer has to develop. This takes many years or more probably, decades.