1. Boche jeanmarie

    Hello Karl ,

    de vraies belles photos et surtout de superbes documents ….que j’envie !!

    A bientot

    Jean -Marie

  2. Add 1: After years of conservation,numbers regarding large carnivores increased in Scandinavia for sure. But our ‘nature lovers’ up North can set this revival situation back to a blank.
    This is what a friend ( a real nature lover) mailed me:

    Lodjur (Swedish for lynx) are decreasing in Sweden. There were an estimated 2000 a couple of years ago. Today there are only about 1250 individuals around. Controlled hunting (“licens jakt”) has been used in Sweden since 1996. The quota for 2010 was 209 lodjur while the number permitted to shoot 2011 is lower, 110. This is due to the decrease of the species. There are of course a lot of arguing to try to prohibit all shooting of lynx completely to make the species recover up to 300 reproductions (300 family groups) wich is not a level rerached today.

    Varg (Swedish for wolf) There are approx. 250 wolves in Scandinavia today. 220 in Sweden and 30 in Norway. The gov. stated earlier that there should not be more than 210 wolves in Sweden and permitted licens hunting last winter. The national quota was 27 wolves. After interveining from EU the swedish gov was forced to skip the upper limit of 210 animals (too small for sistainable population) and was also forced to stop the license hunting 2011. Still it is permitted to kill “problem wolves” with habits of taking domestic animals for instance.

    That was some figures very shortly from Per (with domestic sheep but no problems with predators except hunting dogs).

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