1. Jan Kelchtermans

    It evokes intense memories of one of my many trips into Scandinvia. July 18, 1999, Central Sweden. Driving towards a site for nightjar, Per (Swedish fellow) suddenly goes on the brakes. The headlights shine on a blinded lynx on the forest road right in front of us is. After a crouched posture (the same as the front cover of Mammals of Europe by Mitchell & Jones) the beast sits down beside a tree close to the road. I think there is rarely shouted that hard in a dilapidated Toyota Corolla …
    Anyway, good fellows, make you aware that you took the right decision: into the car and straight to Vasteras! In the 19 years I am into the field now, I can count the stories of twichbare lynxes on three fingers. You both are more then just privileged! By the way, Sweeds, affected wit the boggy forest field area, do watch the GGO’s there since 2005. Since last year, there seems to be a settled lynx too and even a bear strolls through the area now and then. These animals know damned well that it’ a gun save area caused by the social control of wildlife watchers in that place! There is a future!

  2. Well done! looked like a gruelling trip…but well worth it. Thanks for sharing the results with us.

    This is surely one of the hardest European mammals to connect with.

  3. Als je niet gaat weet je zeker dat je hem niet ziet….. Mooi verhaal, mooie soort. Dit soort acties lijkt één van de weinige manieren om het dier te zien te krijgen, proficiat!

  4. Wil Luijf

    Wow!!! This is the way we like it!

    Hard work and finally the lynx without a collar! (like the ones in Spain!)

    Good work, nice pictures and super results! Regards! Wil

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